Any RPFers making Stopmotion armatures


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After 21 years on the RPF, I still don't know if I'm ever posting in the right forum lol. Please move if necessary.

Anyway, was wondering if there is anyone that can fabricate a ball and socket armature of a 12" T-Rex?

Attached is a picture of my character.


Thank you :)
Thank you, but I've sent out emails to them and several other stopmo companies with no response.

I'd rather give my money to someone here anyway.

I used Kinetic Armatures.
Real question is, what is your budget?
to get a custum armature done, you're looking at a 6+ month turnaround and $2k-$5.
The less costly way would be to buy armature kit parts on ebay and assemble your design. or do a simple wire design.
But there are a few machinists here who might be interested in tackling the job.
I'm willing to spend some money. I normally have Tom Brierton make my armatures, but he's retired now.

As a last resort I'll go the wire route.

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