Any one know how often DEC restocks ANH kit


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like the title I was just wondering if or how often Dark Energy Construction restock the ANH kit to see if I should wait or if I should get something else like blaster factory or Todd’s Costumes


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I have one of Blaster Factory's original kits and I love it. I don't even know if they still carry this exact kit, but the one I have came with a HEAVILY modified Denix blaster as the base and all the parts fit right on. The only parts I got separately were the DEC piston and t track greeblies and their aluminum front grill. I can share some pics if you want to see the finished kit.


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I know this isn't exactly the question, but since you are mentioning DEC, I have an old DEC ANH kit, when they were all aluminium and brass, no plastic. if that is of any interest to you, just send me a PM.

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