Any news about the efx NAUTILUS Replica ???

barney five

Sr Member
Wonder if there are any rumors/news about the long awaited Nautilus Replica from efx. They promised an update on their website for April this year, but havent done so.
Most other Nautilus releated Threads or Websites in the www. will need registration.

Maybe someone here heard something new?
From what I was told by the store I purchased mine from, I should have it by January 21st at the latest. When I have tracking info I will post again.
I just got an email from the guy that I ordered mine from, and he said that he will have mine in hand on Thursday (2/2).
#11 arrived yesterday!











Love that Specimen Table.

I am so hoping Nautilus Drydocks will get that Salon off the ground for my 66"er. It's been YEARS... and my hopes are higher since I bought the pipe organ kit. I can actually BUILD the kit if the Salon is made, because who wants to plug the viewports on something like this?

Those pics above are great, and it's cool that EFx added that feature!
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