Any lifesize Necromorphs out there?


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I am curious if there is anyone out there that has created what I mentioned in the title. I have seen lots of Dead Space Isaac costumes and helmets etc. I saw one Necromorph baby sculpt unfinished, but no life size Necromorph. If anyone knows holler! I have sculpted a very small one before. Now I am considering making a full size replica of a Necromorph as either a suit/costume or better, a statue. Anybody out there show me one they have done or know of someone that has already done this? Thanks forum readers!

Lucky Nm Slevin

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The games were pretty good, but there are more than 1 different types of necromorphs. I'm not sure if it would be the easiest thing to do, expecially as a costume with all the twisted and contorted parts.


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You are probably right. I do some gnarly costumes though. I may just do a statue. That way I can set it up at the window for people that pass by. LOl
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