Any ideas what this is from GUNDAM?


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Im trying to find these parts for a project.


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My first instinct is to say it's skirt armor. You could do a search for Gundams, filtering by series based on when the filming model was created and leaving out ones that were produced after the movie was made that the miniature comes from, and then look for ones that have yellow armor. If you find a similar shape then look for a model kit of that Gundam and then see if it has that part in it.
It looks old. The plastic and mold quality doesn't look up to the same standard of the newer Bandai kits. If you could tell when it was from, that would narrow it down quite a bit.
THanks...I got that beige part at the rear is quad hun tractor, grey parts on each side of the orange is leopold or karl m or 88 mm gun.

Its Circa 1985

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