Any Feedback On The Rocketeer Jacket from


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I've been looking into getting a Rocketeer jacket, and with the Southbeach Leather, Magnoli, and Wested jackets not quite fitting my preferences, I found this one available from Custom Jackets:

Looks promising, and at a pretty good price. The buttons aren't quite accurate and the collar looks a little big, but otherwise I was seriously considering this one.

But has anyone heard any reviews or feedback on whether it's any good? Haven't been able to find anything online besides vague eBay feedback reviews.

Thanks for the help!
Don't know anything about this company (you might check out to see if they have any reviews), but If you got that route make sure they fix the sleeves as well!
The one on the site you posted has zippered vents like a motorcycle jacket, not plain sleeves with the buckled straps as the original. Not sure how they missed that detail.
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