Any electrical gurus in the place?

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Tesseract, Oct 27, 2011.

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    Hey guys, I was working on a costume for Halloween, but it wasn't working out so I scrapped it. I figured I'd do some futuristic-thingy-do with a light-up sword made from PVC a 3-foot halogen bulb and wiring.

    I was wondering if anyone knew what electrical parts I'd need to power a 3ft halogen bulb independent of a casing?

    Figured I'd make the hilt out of PVC, rubber for the grips and paint.

    Also, what could I use to color the bulb?

    I'm doing a mock-up of it now, which I'll post later in the day. Thanks.

    My friend mentioned my idea is similar to the beam katana from No More Heroes (have a PS3, never played it, looks awesome), so here's an idea of what I'm thinking, but a bit simpler.



    The second is a mock-up by King of Pirates on deviant art (credit where credit's due, that's AWESOME)
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    Halogen bulbs require a high voltage transformer and ballast to get them to light up. You are going to need to carry a decent power source(think sealed lead acid battery, 15+ lbs) to start it, even if it consumes a lot less energy than a normal bulb. Also, they are not exactly something you want to be carrying around and possibly swinging.

    As an alternative though, a 3 foot clear or colored plastic tube, a couple rolls of cellophane inside of it and a really bright(3 watts or higher) LED flashlight will let you get a similar effect at much safer voltages. This is one way they make Star Wars light sabers look so good.
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    Echo that - take the advice with the LED's and enjoy your build
  4. jonnybg00d

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    LED Stick used for bar lights and stuff... rather cool!
  5. Tesseract

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    Thanks a lot guys, I'm going to hit up Home Depot and Lowes today and see if I can find some stuff. Thanks for the input.
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    HI guys.. I have a question..., in the making of lightsabers ( not just starwars but also from other things.. ) Is there a way to light up a White pvc and still look a little bit cool?
    Cuz its just impossible to get a clear tube....
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    The custom saber shop sells poly tubes all day long. PVC will not transfer the light from your light source.

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