Any Buzz Lightyear Pep files out there?


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Does anyone have pep files for Buzz? I have searched everywhere and can not find any. I would like to build full scale wearable costume like the Ironman ones out there. I would prefer a paper build but beggars can't be choosers =) If anyone has these files could you please post here or pm me with them.

Guys, I´ve made a Buzz Lighyear, I can help you guys out, even though it was a while ago, I wouldn´t mind explaining what I did. By the time I did it, I had help, so it was done from start to finish in about one and a half day. Here is a picture of it (or should be, hopefully the Internet´ll help me....)





Again, as I told you guys, I´m available for questions and all...
heck yeah! i'd say definitely start a new thread detailing how you made it, what's it made out of and so on! looking forward to this!
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