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This thread is the pictorial journey showing the lowest low to the highest high of my Lifsize Hellboy bust sculpt. By the end of the series I hope to have you interested enough to order a painted or unpainted resin cast of my highly detailed and unique; version that has a couple new characteristics incorporated into the bust that, I think,add a little more to the his charm;
I first sculpted just the head right after seeing the movie in 04...then left it alone.This was my fist attempt to sculpt any kind of character.I used newspaper adds and a 7" figure for ref.This in turn gave me confidence enough to do and complete 1/1 scale bust of my Bat O' Acid. pictures of which I have previously posted here at the RPF...I've also made a video of Bats and posted it on my You tube channel...
..(Not a techie so not sure yet if this link will take you there) just go to Youtube type in charles forbin click on the dude with the wings..That's My Channel Bat's Vid is there along with some other vids of my Sculpts and Paintings....Enjoy...and click like if you do...also subscribe cause I have several more vids to come and they only Get Better as we go!
Anyway flash forward 2010...was tired of seeing disembodied Hellboy head stuck on a foam cone so I set to work "finishing" the bust.It turned out ok so I ordered some platsil gel 10 and proceeded to (try to) make my mold. Wellll... turns out platsil 10 and plastilina DO NOT MIX...there is sulfer in the clay and you can see what happened...aaaahhhh!
Flash forward again to 2013, I again got tired of looking at the debacle and sheer mess I had rot sooo...I clean him up, stripped of the old clay and put to work the sculpting experience gained in the interim. So fear not Hellboy fans I have created a piece that rivals (accept for the real hair) a 3k silicone sculpt I came across searching for ref pics. Rest assured my offering will be of high quality resin ready for you to finish and most of all affordable.....$150 unpainted and if I can get enough orders I plan to drop the price. I'm super pleased with the way he looks and so will you and he will be an awesome addition to any collection.Also will be including a set of hand painted eyes you can install in the bust for an even more Realistic display.So enjoy the series...look forward to the comments, questions and chance to share one of my favorite creations on the RPF

...... 1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg4.jpg5.jpg6.jpg7.jpg8.jpg9.jpg...
I will post a set of 9 pics once or twice a week, so you can see the changes made throughout the sculpt, until the final reveal. ..Along with his 2 Part Video...I will also give a copy of 'My Picture Show' series to the First 10 sold...thats 23 vids in toto a full half of which have not been released here or on my channel Yet... Purchases will have to be through paypal...but lets wait on that for now...
Hope you enjoy the journey ahead.
Believe me he gets Much Much better than where we start here!

Thanx THB
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Next set......

(You see the First one) Here are a couple of Reliquaries Anung has made sure Not to drop,like Abe did facing Sammy.Once the neck is complete the Eyes are next and be sure to look closely at what I use as the base structure for this bust ,see if you can guess what it is...
He does get Much Better stay tuned...

Thanx THB


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Almost finished with the neck details....working on the hair details and starting on eyes to capture more realism.

...47.jpg48.jpg49.jpg50.jpg51.jpg52.jpg53.jpg54.jpg55.jpg56.jpg.....and now you can see the other 'spiritual' piece an Ankh embedded into his flesh for......what ever reason your mind comes up with...
The next set will show the eyes finished and then its time to start on his skin texture......please keep checking back,he does get even better. Teaser (eventually he gets to smoke a...cigar/fatty-)
Yea a fatty.

Thanx THB
Well thanx Ultraman thats Ultra kind of you.
Please subscribe or keep checkin back cause we have a ways to go till he is finished....

thanx THB
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