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Want to Buy Antman Helmet Kit by Rocketeer

Discussion in 'Want to Buy' started by Eric0101, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. Eric0101

    Eric0101 New Member

    Trophy Points:
    Ready to go Antman Helmet Kit by Rocketeer!
    Willing to pay a bit extra more than what you've paid! just pm me!
  2. Bogleo

    Bogleo Well-Known Member

    Trophy Points:
    Have you contacted TheRocketeer to see if there are any extra spots?
  3. TheRocketeer

    TheRocketeer Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

    Trophy Points:
    He did... He wants it sooner than I can have it done
  4. Crimotaku

    Crimotaku Active Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

    Trophy Points:
    Rocketeer goods is like that juicy triple cheese burger that needs to be in your belly ASAP. Haha.
    TheRocketeer likes this.
  5. Eric0101

    Eric0101 New Member

    Trophy Points:
    Yeah! Too bad! I've asked Curtis in the first place! Now searching for a second hand one if anyone is willing to part it off!

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