Antique Steampunk Pipe Wrench


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I found this actual, antique, rusted, pipe wrench at a local thrift store.
I like the look of it a lot but the thing weighs 5 lbs. For a 12" long tool, that is pretty heavy. I have a Steampunk Pirate costume I was hoping to use this and hang it from a belt but it would just be too cumbersome. So I decided to make a 3D print replica.

I used Google Sketchup to make the model. I measured off of the original. I changed up a few things to make it simpler to print. I wanted this to fit on one 5" x 9" build plate so the handle for mine is a little bit shorter. I also used a real 1/2" by 1 1/2" bolt. I could have made a model for it but that's complicated and bolts are a like 40 cents apiece so it seemed like the easier thing to do.

I assembled the pieces, sanded it down a bit, then used a dremel sanding bit to rough it up and add some dings, and nicks and stuff to make it feel older and worn.
This is not a functional model. All the pieces are glued into place. It wouldn't be a big deal to add a nut into the mix and have it actually operate though. I just felt like it was an unnecessary detail for a visual prop. I primed it and spray painted it silver, then weathered it with burnt umber, and black and browns and dark Orange colors. Dabbing with a sponge and wiping parts away to reveal the silver underneath.


The final result turned out just how I wanted. From a bit away hanging on a costume, it looks like a rusty old pipe wrench.

Design is on Thingiverse if anyone is interested.


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Great idea. But just to be correct, that’s not a pipe wrench it's a monkey wrench. Al
Fair. Apparently if you google antique pipe wrench, these styles do appear but yeah, it is more correct to state that it is a Monkey Wrench.


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The first thing that came to mind was the wrench that the engineer carries in Team Fortress 2.

(and great job on the remake!)