Antique radio collectors and historians

Radio Ron W4RON

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I thought there might be some RPF members that are interested in antique and vintage radios.
Our club is hosting the annual Antique Radio Charlotte conference coming up in just over
3 weeks, We started this in 1979, this is the second largest antique radio conference in the USA.
The event runs for almost 3 full days starting on Thursday March 26 through Saturday the 28th.
We have collectors and historians from all over the U.S. and several foreign countries.
All day Thursday are our programs and forums, Thursday evening is a big estate auction selling
the collection of one of our members that passed away last year.
Friday morning is the giant flea market, Friday afternoon is our regular auction where meet attendees
consign items to be sold, there will also be about 30 items from another estate collection.
The conference banquet. Saturday morning starts off the another flea market followed up by
our "Radio Rescue" end of swap auction.
We also have a old equipment contest, the event wraps up Saturday with our Saturday luncheon.
If you're interested you can find details, schedule, etc;


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