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Interest Ant-Man suit from Ant-Man and the Wasp!

Discussion in 'Project Runs' started by dannylopuz, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. dannylopuz

    dannylopuz Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I'm developing the full suit of the new Ant Man and the Wasp movie. The suit is highly detailed and making the molds was a long and challenging process. However we managed to pull through. There are some parts that have to be 3d printed and some parts that are the classic Marvel "looks-like-leather-but-it's-printed" fabric. Here are the pictures of our very first prototype:


    We added some padding to certain areas such as the chest and abs. The suit also has a working front zipper (pretty sure Paul Rudd asked for it) and has a long back zipper which is hidden by the "backpack".

    We built a faux leather version for a client and this is how it looks:



    The client was a short person which is why the abs look smaller. All pieces are 3d printed. Now we're working on the helmet and the printed fabric:

    So far we have a good design but we're looking for a 3d kind of finish. Once we have that and the helmet we'll be good to go! 3d printed pieces and faux leather suit are available right now to purchase.

    Final suit will be around 800 usd plus helmet and accesories.

    As always questions are welcome!

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    Last edited: Jun 16, 2018
  2. Banzai88

    Banzai88 Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

    Trophy Points:
    Well done! Must have been fun working out those patterns.
  3. Seth Skywalker

    Seth Skywalker Well-Known Member

    Trophy Points:
    Fantastic! Great costume and color choices.
  4. BrundelFly

    BrundelFly Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

    Trophy Points:
    So Love this!!
  5. mickeybrown

    mickeybrown New Member

    Trophy Points:
    Would you sell the accessories separate? Like just the belt and the arm gauntlets? If so, how much?
    X3RO_SHIF7 likes this.
  6. thomdave

    thomdave Active Member

    Trophy Points:
    Mark me down as interested! :thumbsup
  7. Max Jenius

    Max Jenius Well-Known Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

    Trophy Points:
  8. exo95er

    exo95er Active Member

    Trophy Points:
    Interested in the backpack and gauntlets.
  9. progolfercd

    progolfercd Member

    Trophy Points:
    I'm interested in this. Belt, gauntlet, back piece, all look wonderful.
  10. HalfFallenAngel

    HalfFallenAngel New Member

    Trophy Points:
  11. Darranged

    Darranged Member

    Trophy Points:
    Interested as well! Looking awesome dude!
  12. EnemyAce

    EnemyAce New Member

    Trophy Points:
    Also interested, especially the belt, back pack and other add-ons. Looking forward to seeing the helmet as well.
  13. bigkilo

    bigkilo Well-Known Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

    Trophy Points:
    Interested in a full leather suit, pending final pics (screen printed fabric, etc). Nice job on the pattern.
  14. bigkilo

    bigkilo Well-Known Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

    Trophy Points:
    Any way it can be made into an undershirt with vest version (similar to cap America's design)? And maybe add a hard shoulder bell hunter the fabric on the arms?
  15. Effigey

    Effigey Member

    Trophy Points:
    Very Interested!!!
  16. mbmcfarland

    mbmcfarland Sr Member

    Trophy Points:
    I’d be interested in a full suit!

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