ANOVOS Presents: Star Trek TOS Captain Kirk Green Wrap Replica / Costume

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We at ANOVOS are pleased to introduce our first truly limited piece : Captain Kirk's Green Wrap.

ANOVOS Star Trek Green Wrap Captain Kirk Replica / Costume Link

We were very lucky to gain access through a true collector and patriarch of many things Star Trek TOS Uniforms- Greg Jein. With his gracious blessing, we were able to take patterns, photograph and reproduce an extremely exacting replica which will be offered in the original material in both color and weight.

With this piece, there was no expense to be spared to recapture the beauty of the screen used piece. Thus, in dealing with the construction intricacy, it was discovered that the only way to attain the correct look and complex cornering, this piece will actually be hand stitched,requiring three workers to each replica! With this piece, Accuracy was our key priority.

Preview it now in the above link and travel to the site for a rare view of the actual screen used piece for comparison.

This will likely sell out very quickly due to limited quantity, therefore, if you're interested sign up for our Twitter and newsletter feed to get the latest information on release.
It’s been nothing short of astonishing to see this company flourish and evolve, cherished items that seem would never become available to our community, collectors and casual fans alike are now obtainable for the first time without sacrificing any measure of meticulous detail.

I’m very proud of what you guys have accomplished and this is sure to be one hell of a buy. :thumbsup
Hopefully they stick around. One day I'd like to order a TOS 3rd season command tunic, but I'm not a big fan of this "order window" business model.

And what about pants? And boots?
Thats great Jose! I'm in for one!!!!

Oh and thanks for taking this beast on from finding the fabric to constructing it I'm sure you know it is a bear! :lol
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Looks like I will get it tomorrow the label was printed but it did not ship untill today.
Well my wrap arrived yesterday and Anovos knocked another Iconic Piece of TOS out of the ballpark again.

Beautifully done Guys!

It really is a fitting tribute to Capt. James T. Kirk

The wool really feels good, nice and soft, I did'nt think it would feel so nice.

I can not wait to see what else you come up with, especially for Next Gen, count me in! :thumbsup
And it did:


Click on this one for a closeup of the details. The braid is particularly tasty.

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