ANOVOS picks up the high-end Star Wars Costuming License!


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What a shame. Now I hope they tank! Their solution is to send out junk? They hit a new low.

They are so far in debt they are not coming out of this so they decide to resolve it with bad product? Dana and Joe does not give a dang and just seems like they are delivering anything just to get out of this. They can go screw them selves. They were never fans!
That tunic litterally looks like something the Spirit Store would produce, and put a price point of $24.99 on it.


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Unless something changed, that thing cost $600 and was supposedly going to be made in the USA. I don’t know a thing about accuracy with it but those promo pics certainly look like there should be quilting of the fabric.


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That TLJ tunic should have "pin tucks" on it, not simple quilting. Anovos really messed this one up.


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Interesting. First off, this is not my photograph. It is from the Kylo page on facebook. BUT - what initially caught my eye was seeing an Anovos box that was part of a Kylo costume. No one has yet seen that. But then I looked at the garment. In the photo it looks awful because there is no "quilting" to it. Does anyone have this? Is it truly without the needed texture?!!! It looks just like lines!!!

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For us, passionate fans to the core, our greatest struggles have been finding the appropriate balance between creating a highly accurate replica and the time it takes to make that replica as accurate as we want it to be. The “complex burden of accuracy” has caused us an immense amount of pain, largely in the form of compounded delays.
You can sure see that "burden of accuracy" Anovos talked about when they used that as an excuse for never shipping anything.

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It’s like the X wing/TIE pilot gloves I received. Thin badly stitched pleather material with no lining.
I have a set of Imperial Officer tunic/pants, but they are actually not bad. Seems like quality varies quite dramatically.

On another note, I’ve gone through my CC company to get my refund from last October. They’ve been really good and just need some copies of the emails to back up the claim- should see my money pretty soon!


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Every day something comes out showing this Company imploding.

To bad Joe and Dana will not man up and do the right thing.

In the end they will be Pariahs in the prop and costuming community


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Few shots of the shoulders I found. What's funny is the box says "quilted" on it and there's nothing quilted on this thing.



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From time to time I get snippets back about being "mean" on here. I can send anyone copies of the civil and polite correspondence I have had with Anovos and one day they just stopped talking. They took thousands of my dollars and disappeared. It is not "mean" but it is angry and justified.

Myself, I have joined the lawsuit being filed by "the Pawn" to make us all whole within 30 days and all you need do is give him copies of your invoices and copies of your Anovos updates/ correspondence.

Entities Anovos, CBS, Disney, Lucasfilm, and others have all been legally notified. And at least two have responded I am told.

Given the fact that one of the things I am waiting for is a full Kylo costume, the pictures above are pretty scary.

By the way, your invoices are on the Anovos site if you log in/ create an account.

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So technically:

"(of a garment, bed covering, or sleeping bag) made of two layers of cloth filled with padding held in place by lines of stitching."

I mean it looks like the Anovos protottpe pictures they had up but, yeah it doesn't look screen accurate with a "poochy" quilted look.

What were they thinking? It can't be expensive to stitch classic quilt look, i can get quilted toilet paper...

I mean its a nice garment, but not screen accurate and well below the standard Anovos supposedly holds itself to.

Disappointed in Anovos.


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'nuff said:


You'll note too that the item has simply been erased from their site as far as I can tell. Not even "not available" or "out of stock" status!