Anovos Official Licensed Battlestar Galactica Patch Club!

Got Maul

Official Licensee
Hello everyone,

Just FYI, Anovos officially launched the Battlestar Galactica Patch club which will feature patches used on set made by the original manufacturers. We are also going to be selling patches that were not ever made, but make for a great patch collection. Check it out !

Anovos Battlestar Galactica High End Replica Patches

There are two ways to sign up, you can either join the patch club for a measly $5 a year (this reserves you a patch every month- but you are not obligated to purchase it) or you can purchase it outside of the club but risk back order (which our raptor has already started) or possible sell out.

Anyhow, its a fun club and a great way to own something as close to the originals as possible.
I'm a member of the patch club. Love the quality, and love the possibilities. But since i'm low on cash right now, it looks like i'm gonna be passing. They are wayyyy too rich for my blood. I'm glad some of them are selling so well, because it means there are still enough fans with enough moola to buy them. But sadly, I think i'm out. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with though. Just wish that at that price at least, you were only doing one a month or something. Those first three are all must haves for me, but with my prop spending allowance (lol) there was no way I could swing it. Thanks for taking the effort to make these as accurate as possible though. I look forward to seeing some if you have some on display at the con! :)
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