Looks good, But IMO maybe you need a size up.
Your wrists are gonna catch cold.

I have the same problem long arms, It's a curse..
The long-arms look is accurate tho, at least for the shrinky velour costumes.

The Trek Tunics are made by Anovos , not sure who makes the Dr Who coat . I can 't say as to the quality of the other items .
Looks good, But IMO maybe you need a size up.

I agree. This is now the third tunic I've seen that looks really tight in the chest. One was a net friend and the other was a guy on ANOVOS' facebook page.
Joe is this a customer mesurement issue, a sizing issue, or a patterning issue. I know one of your pattern sources was John, what does he think?

Anyway, there are more of these showing up tighter through the midsection than there should be. I don't know yet if that's a problem with the mesurements they asked people for, the 1977 Phase II uniforms they examined, shinkage on some of the Greg Jein pieces they measured, or the John Broughton patterns they looked at. I know that the patterns John Broughton is using are old Lincoln Enterprises patterns given to him by James Cawley.

I'll try to find out.
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