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I am so excited to share this, as it is great news for Star Wars fans but also a win for this community, as dgasser and @gotmaul, the founders of ANOVOS came out of this community! As many know, Museum Replicas held the high-end Star Wars costume license for years, promised much, and delivered little. They lost the license last year and after an insanely long negotiation, ANOVOS was able to pick the license up! They already have a number of projects in the works and are showing off some very early prototypes this weekend at C2E2.

To me, this is one of the greatest things we see in this hobby; fans like us, who started right here, doing what we love, and eventually taking that passion and being able to make a livlihood from it! From Adam Savage, to Volpin Props to ANOVOS and dozens and dozens of others, my hat is off to you! Congrats on living the dream!

Click here for a full press release:
Channel Han, Luke and Darth Vader with official 'Star Wars' costumes - CNET

Click here to check out there existing lines of high-end Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek costumes!
ANOVOS Productions LLC | ANOVOS Productions LLC

Here they are, purposefully failing at being coy with their C2E2 posts... ;)
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What a great deal, and amazing news for the Star Wars community!

Dana and Jose truely deserve this more than anyone else, they have been part of this and other accuracy related communities for years and their personal work and the existing ANOVOS product lines speak for itself!

I wish them all the best and may the force be with them.... :lol
I've been biting my tongue, only telling close friends for a while about the new project we're involved with.

It's going to be a busy year! :D ..not only with the projects but also since several of us in this venture are having babies this summer! Oh boy..
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Congrats Jose and the team. This is very interesting news. With the press release talking about future releases including "Scout Trooper, Sandtrooper" etc, how does this work with eFX's Legend and Limited Edition version of the Scout Trooper helmet and Stormtrooper helmet and armor offerings? Are the helmets going to be new sculpts?
Great work and can't wait to see the pics of your first costumes.

Sooooo excited. I will say my first thought was to see if they have gift cards so I can tell all my relatives what I want for Christmas. I had to search "gift" on their site. I didn't see a direct way to get to them via their store.
Very interesting. Congrats are in order. I love their BSG stuff. Here's hoping they can make the Star Wars licensed replica thing work as well as their other properties!
Very cool. Im interested at how the armor will work. Will it be cast from originals or new sculpts?

I hope it is successful. I know there a lot of people that the sewing and creating turn them off, maybe this will get them involved.
I saw that on Rebelscum. Very cool news! However if one of the first products isn't a 6' tall Ewok costume I will be very disappointed. Don't judge, my Ewok character has gigantism.
Also curious as Im seeing photos pop up of the Anovos booth at C2E2 and theres ROTS Clone trooper armor, looks real similar to Sci-Fire/C6 stuff. Would love to know who all in the community is involved here on the armor end.
Stopped by their booth today at C2E2 to check the stuff out. here are two quick pics, The pic of the Luke training fatigues didn't come out right so I will be stopping and grabbing more pics tomorrow

Obviously happy and excited to see true fans doing what they love for a living and I know they will do things right.

Honestly not excited to see a Darth Vader costume in the works. I know it will look stellar, but guys like me and many others work really hard on making awesome, accurate Vader costumes and because of the details needed to get it right and the cost involved there are less Vaders out there compared to many other popular costumes. With Anovos making a high-end super accurate version, any jerk with $8,000 can have a stunning Darth Vader costume with no work. I know really that's an awesome thing, and something I might have wanted before I started making my own, but it just makes me feel sad.

On the flip side, maybe I'll stop seeing those ugly, horrible plastic Rubies DV costumes and those guys will upgrade to a far superior turn-key kit.
Its very cool to see that fans will offer props for other fans but to many promises regarding the accuracy of props very made in the past so i'm very sceptical. Some really accurate Vader softparts would be a cool start but it looks like i would have to buy a complete Vader for that? Or will they sell single parts also?

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