Star Wars Anovos Imperial Officer Hat

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Up for sale is a very rare Imperial Officer hat from Anovos. It is from their latest, 2020 run of hats and is currently unavailable. The size is "M" for medium. US Hat size is 7 - 1/4. Details on sizing and the hat can be found here:

STAR WARS™ Imperial Officer Hat (Standard Line) | ANOVOS Productions LLC

I measured the inside of the hat and it measures at 22 1/8" so it should fit a size small although it is labeled a size medium. Please see their directions for sizing since their are no returns or exchanges available for this item.

Due to recent problems with production and Covid, the hat only came with a Force Awakens First Order emblem with a pin backing (see photos above), so I am including a CNC machined aluminum original trilogy emblem that comes embedded with an earth magnet and another for safe attachment to the hat (see photos above).

If Anovos should send me their version of this emblem (cockade pin) this year, I'll be happy to forward it to the buyer!

The price is $91 shipped any where.

Just put "Imperial Officer Hat" in the message section of your payment or just hit the "buy it" button.
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