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Good news, boys and girls. My husband Garth (aka our very own Grimlock2d) has made his first novel available for purchase. It's still populating through the distribution chains, but it's currently available through the CreateSpace estore for paperback and for all ebook formats. I'll post updates as it hits locations like Amazon and others.

I'm extremely proud of Garth and this book. One of the ways we're describing it is to say it's like Marvel's Avengers meets James Bond.

I hope you'll check it out!
I've been tempted to post samples of my work here at the forums, but I've decided not to do so. But congratulations to Grimlock2d for getting his work published, even self published. You have to start somewhere. :)
I see my wife has stealthily posted here as well :)

Thanks for the support!

The book is called Awaken and it is part one in a trilogy I'm working on.

If you do pick up a copy feel free to send me feedback via PM or e-mail. I'm always interested in what people think of my work, what I did right and what I can improve on.
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