another star wars????


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why wont george do it already????? cant they get harrison to do something as han!!!!!???? Even as a small role! i can see him telling the story of his kids maybe??? leia is dead luke and chewie are gone. and him on a distant planet drinking in a cantina drowning his sorrows old in hiding and telling his story!!!!??? i need it! lol!

It will never happen with George. Maybe someday one of his kids will reboot the franchise and change everything again...the way George would have wanted it to be. Maybe.
i think it would be nice if there was some official interview with lucas and he said either "yes I have plans to make more" or "there are no plans for any more movies"
The last Indy movie was actually a set up for the next Star Wars movie. The aliens abduct Dr. Jones, and he's thrown in the containment unit aboard the space ship with Han Solo! Harrisson Ford double starring! Mutt and Chewbacca will both tarzan swing.
Because old Han will be just as awesome as Old Indy was. Is there not enough Star Wars with 6 films, the current show, the live action show that will never happen, and the hundreds of books and comics? We don't need more films that half the public will revile and the other half will defend to the death all while George tinkers with them on every subsequent double, triple, and septuple dip of them on RedRay, InfraRedRay, and then whatever chips we implant in our brains to watch movies.
7,8, & 9 are coming. I swear to god they are going to happen (God help us all).


There is a greater chance of seeing Harrison playing Justin effing Beiber in a bio pic, than EVER seeing him in another Star Wars film. He has been very vocal regarding Han, and his place in Star Wars. Trust me, Han Solo will never be seen again. Lucky *******, he always knew the score. Mark on the other hand...expect to see him in a Ben Kenobi type role.
I really hope they won't attempt to film anything, cause they'll probably mess up things even more. But yeah, I'm afraid I hope in vain, cause he'll probably start filming a new trilogy as soon as he milks the prequel trilogy dry.
I'd love 7,8 & 9 to be based on the Vong set of books, about 15 books tell a brilliant story. Grand Master Luke, more jedi, the kids, Chewy dies...
I'd like to see more movies made. Who knows, they might actually be good. Let's not forget that one day, sooner or later, they will "reboot" the whole shebang. It's as inevitable as death. They rebooted other iconic material so nothing is sacred when it comes to the making of the almighty dollar where Hollywood is concerned.
Also reality is that the fans want it! The stupid cartoon the clone wars as good as the stories are at times they are still cartoons!!!!!! And people are age are more of the viewers then freakn kids! Cause we love it! And also im sorry i hated the last indy!!!!!!!! Blahhhhhh! Isnt there another one being made???? I think the kill him off and the stupid lebuff is taking over!!! God nooooooo he cant fill those shoes!!!!! What did spielberg see in him!!!!!!!
I'd love 7,8 & 9 to be based on the Vong set of books, about 15 books tell a brilliant story. Grand Master Luke, more jedi, the kids, Chewy dies...

Won't happen. Any movie made would be a Lucas story, not a book turned into a movie.
George Lucas should NEVER make another Star Wars movie as long as he lives. After the crap he gave us with the prequels, I never want to see another Star Wars movie by him.
I can't even watch the clone wars cartoon.
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