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I decided to retire my MCL34N TASM suit since it doesn't really fit me (more of a seamstress error rather then sizing), and start a new costume. After watching Gaurdian's I decided to make a Star Lord. I found this sweet jacket on that just came in, and I'm ordering an MDuckett helmet. Besides these two things I'm really not going for 100% accuracy. I may buy some motorcycle pants later that other people suggested, but that's about it.


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The quality is pretty decent. It appears to be real leather like it claims, but is a little thin. The shoulder pad is held on by a few buttons and Velcro which I believe leaves more room for modifying. The arms and chest have a fitted feel which is nice, but also makes me wonder if I should have ordered a large instead of a medium. It might not be 100% but it's pretty darn close.
I just put in my order! Also, how long did yours take to get to you. And any other notes you have on the jacket? Thanks for posting this as i had been starting to look at jackets that started in the 900.00 range... which was a bit high.(but they were custom leather makes)

Well the website is kinda weird with support. I didn't create an account so it never let me know when it shipped. I was worried I got scammed because when I called them to ask about shipping the number didn't work. When I emailed them though they responded within the hour and said my jacket should ship soon. A week later I got the jacket. I think it took about 2.5 weeks total from the time of purchase to when I got it in the mail.
What are your measurements? It seems weird that I'm normally a medium-large but htis says I'm small..

Sorry I don't recall and I don't have a way to measure it at the moment.

Here's an update. I got my boot spats, and also picked up a shirt and pants to go with it. Additionally I'm working on doing up some gloves for the costume as well as waiting for my MDuckett helmet to arrive. It was supposed to come today, but I guess USPS may come later? Here's to hoping.

Here's the finished product so far. I think I need to add some foam to the helmet so it doesn't sit so low. Should be an easy fix.

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