Another Sith Acolyte in the works...

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    Hey everyone.

    This is my first project/post in thr RPF after browsing through many projects. And yes, this time, it's another Sith Acolyte.

    After seeing some incredible builds, such as Mynock's or Wicked Armor and such, I have finally found the guts to start from scratch.

    Now, I am aware that there are some pretty decent pep files out there (Fierfek's), but I cannot afford those nor a mask cast. So I hace decided to build every piece from the beginning. To start off, the mask.

    I found various pep files, but none seemed to be accurate, so I used the game model of the Eradicator set, and modified the mask until I was happy with it.
    Here's the initial model of the game:


    A bit too "cartoon-y" to my liking, compared to those shown in the trailers. So after a few modifications, I editeed the shape of the mask, and this is the result:

    mask1.PNG mask2.PNG

    I'll post more pics on the go, but it will be a slow build, just to warn you. Mask has been unfolded in pep, ready to print and build. Cheers guys!
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    Very small update.

    Mask unfolded, along with the back part of the helmet.

    undolf.PNG atras.PNG

    ....and started drawing templates for the armor.

    These are just plain templates of the shape. I plan on doing this with rubber and foam, since it's due to take hits in some events. More parts of the armor and mask building process coming up!

    Cheers guys!

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    Looking forward to seeing this come together. I've got a Mynock mask but haven't been game enough to attempt the amour just yet

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