Another show-off: TNG 1st Season Mark VI Tricorder

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Mr. Nagata, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. Mr. Nagata

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    Okay, so Matt already has a kick-* version of this tricorder. I'm catching up.

    I built this up from the kit. Hero-izing it was a bit more involved than hero-izing the Ed Miarecki vacuformed versions. The electronics (awesomely done by Brian Makepeace using the original, circa 1987, obsolete components) were a bit more work to install. I built an opening mechanism similar to what was present on the original versions, as well as the little latch for keeping the door closed. I also installed a sound unit so I could get the cool ratchet sound (the first season tricorders had a mechnical system that apparently wasn't completely reliable).

    The handscanner also has electronics, but I don't like to remove it because the ball catches that hold it in, while accurate, tend to destroy the paint.

    Well, here she is:


    And of course, a few movies:

    Hi-res MOV format:

    Compressed MPG format (so Munson can watch it on his obsolete system):
  2. blufive

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    Man O' man, that shore is purdy.


    The Mark XI/XII is my favorite tricorder.
  3. DuneMuadDib

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    Looks good.

    Gonna put the gaffers tape on too right?
  4. Apollo

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    Nicely Done. :)
  5. masterjedi322

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    Very nice build-up. I'm still cranking away on my 3rd season mark vi, but with the cold weather in my area I can't paint nothin.

    Not a big fan of the 1st season trics, but you still gotta respect a nice build-up. Good stuff.

  6. Jedi Lawja

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    Sweeet. Love the ratchet sound. Very nice build-up.

  7. Mr. Nagata

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    Thanks everyone.

    Funny you should mention that. I originally had black tape on the bottom and painted the pivot rod black (like Munson's). But in my perusal of TNG episodes, all the first season reference I could find showed the bottom left gray. So I changed it. I like distinguishing it from the later seasons anyway.

  8. Mr. Nagata

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    Hehe. Yeah, I've got the tricorder disease bad. I never thought I'd do this one.


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