(Another) Scratch-build FoA Atlantean Medallion


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Not an invention, but I'd like to share my latest Project: Sophia Hapgood's Atlantean Medallion

First I cut the layers from ABS-sheets of different thickness with the help of several 1:1 templates.


The parts were glued and sanded into shape.


A small neodymium-magnet was placed within the center-piece.


The face after spray-puttying and additional trimming.


The glued centerpieces with a small scrape just over the magnet


A bent piece from a brass-rod as grommet was added to the medallion. Wasn't that easy as the many scrap-parts prove ;)


After having a look at the medallion at the back of the FoA-box, I just noticed a strip on the back was missing.


The helix on the front is made of florist wire. After numerous attempts I managed to get an accurate shape.


After priming and first paintjob.


The finished and weathered Medallion with the "Orichalcum" beads and an amber fish (yes I know, the fish is pointing the wrong direction :lol )


Within the beads are metal-pins, so you may place them on the mouth and the built-in magnet will hold them in place.
Now only the chain is missing!


I hope you like it! Feedback appreciated!
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That's cute. I'm probably not the best person to be commenting here because I have no idea what FoA might be? That said; unless it is screen-accurate as it is I'd go heavier with the weathering - I'm just a big believer that you cannot have too much verdigris. :)
Thanks for your feedback. It's from the adventure-game Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (FoA) from 1992.
It's supposed to be jewelry, so I guess more verdigris isn't desired ;)
Hello there! I think that prop looks amazing! And the magnet detail is one of a kind! Great work! Now you should try the "angry" version one haha... Best regards!
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