Another Saurian Brandy Bottle


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I just had to share this one. I visited our local antique mall yesterday to find this. I probably am not going to do much with it other that perhaps remove the labels and clean up the glass. Any ideas on how to do this without damaging the leather?
I think that I do need to put something on the leather to keep it from drying too badly. Again, any ideas?
And finally does anyone know of anyone that makes a replacement stopper?
As for the green insert?....Who knows....perhaps it was to hold a flower or part of a pouring device. I don't think that part is original.
Thanks for browsing and my excitement level was through the roof when I found it. I have looked for one for many a year but never expected to find one yesterday.
Carefully use "goo gone" on the labels.
Other threads say to paint the leather the right color.
Not sure on the correct stopper.
I just use a razor blade and warm water to get the labels off.

I think someone on the TPZ is doing a run of resin stoppers.

As for the leather get some good leather conditioner
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