Another Rubie's Han Solo Blaster


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Starting a new build, after looking over the forum for something fairly simple that I could accomplish I choose to get a Rubie's Han Solo Blaster ... (as you can see I also have plans for a Blade Runner pistol in the future).

I have plans for some minor changes to the Blaster and then paint. I've already opened up the flash hider and drilled out the holes. I also have started some work on the ends of the scope. I have some more pictures and will post them when I can.

This weekend I hope to be able to get to paint and possibly have a finished Blaster by this weekend.


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Here are my photos from tonight ... I've modified the barrel, opening it up and drilling out the holes .. I added a knurled nut to the underside .. then looking at reference photos I decided to put a screw in the handle .. I made the hole large enough for the screw to be recessed, however then it would fall in .. so I glued a washer to the back side to catch the screw. I'll fill in the other holes before I paint.

I also added some detail to the scope, taking a razor knife and scratching in a crosshatch pattern ... it's not perfect but hopefully will look OK after paint.

Lastly I added a piece to the back of the scope using a sprite bottle cap. Once painted hopefully I can put something in it to make it look more realistic.

I'd also like to get rid of the fake screws on the scope mount and add some real ones.

I'm just trying to make an interesting piece, won't be accurate ..... let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions!

image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg IMG_0579.JPG


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It's a good project for a beginner like me, if you mess anything up your out $12 but you still have a parts gun!

I'm going to try to fill the other holes today in preparation for a first coat of paint.


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Went ahead and took a razor knife to the 2 knobs on the side, added some cross hatching like I had one the top. Then went ahead and drilled them and inserted a screw. Not quite centered, but I'm rushing a bit more than I should be.

The front of the scope lacked detail, so I took a flat plumbers washer and trimmed it and glued it to the front. I also put another washer down the barrel to cover uo the speaker.

Lastly on top, all the reference photos I had seen there were a couple screws on the elevation control . so I drilled a couple holes and glued in some screws.

I hope these details once painted will make it look less like a plastic toy.


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I didn't like the design of the middle knob (or lack of one) .. so I glued on another plumbing flat washer and screw. Also started to fill in the extra screw holes.

Photo Aug 15, 1 04 12 PM (1).jpg Photo Aug 15, 1 04 46 PM (1).jpg


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After some flat black, I want to paint the scope gloss black and then weather the whole gun.

The other Blaster I'll do eventually, and the pass one of them on to a family member.


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Painted the grips brown and the the scope gloss, and then started weathering, This is my first time doing this, I found what I thought were some good reference photos and trying to use them for inspiration ... I'm pleased with it so far.


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Well, I think I am done for now ..... gonna sit back and look a it fir a while.

Does anyone have any plans for a stand or links to purchase one? Simple or inexpensive is great, since this is just a toy.


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Very nice work, what type of paint did you use for the grips? I have one I've been meaning to repaint & I thought of using brown enamel with a wash of darker brown to bring out the details of the grips. As far as a stand it'd simply be a case of a base & a vertical "arm" to hold the barrel in place. It'd be a fun little one-day build I'm sure,


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Thanks! The grip is actually rust primer with some other random brown paint over top. I want to thin some black down and wash over the grip to darken the crevices.
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