Another Red Skull Outfit (WIP)


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I know there have been a few Red Skull costumes popping up over the last few weeks, well here's another one.

First off I'm able to get/make a high quality mask unfortunately at this time so all I really have to work with is a $20 mask, its not bat and I may be able to add to it if I'm careful.


I'm going to make up for it with the uniform. I am going for the German Allgemeine SS m32 uniform and based on this Red Skull statue here,

For the jacket I bought from The Sportsmans Guide 10 post war Swiss dress jackets. The Swiss have a tendency to copy German WWII design a lot, but thats another story. These jackets are very similar, the biggest difference being the buttons. Unfortunately these are back ordered to late September to early October.


I did the same with the pants, they are also Swiss (M7 dress pants). All I have to do with these is to tighten/tie the bottom of one pair to make them look like breeches. These are also back ordered but for only about 2 weeks.


For the hat I won on eBay 5 East German border guard visor caps. The East Germans kept their uniforms strikingly similar to the WWII uniforms. The only conversion I have to do is to bend down the sides and bend up the top, that and move a few pins around. Pics to come soon.

For all of these cloths I have to dye them black which shouldn't be to hard to do.

All I really need now are some Jack boots/riding boots in about size 12 or 13 which is a bit hard to get in that size.

I need to patch up the final product with some ribbons, awards, patches and ranks, which are still in the works of finding.

As for the cosmic cube I got a LED mood cube and am going to put it in one of those plastic cubes, add some plastic rap and work with it a bit.

Again more pics to come as the items do.
I got around to ordering a C96 Broomhandle pistol

Its gonna need a bit of cosmetic work to make it look more realistic.

I also got some German medal ribbons to put through the button hole on the front of the jacket.
I have zero advice on the costume, but wanted to say that the mask looks pretty good. I think it just needs the teeth repainted to look less white and fit in with the rest of the paint job. Good luck!
I typed in "German Ribbons" on eBay, just narrow it down to militaria, some guy has lots of them, he says their WWII issue but they are probably not, regardless they are very cheap.
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