Another OB1 Weathered Mini.. WTF?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Jedi2016, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. Jedi2016

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    I just got the latest email from MR, upcoming Mini releases..

    Obi-Wan ANH Weathered
    Luke ANH
    Anakin AOTC

    Granted, the last two are must-haves, but... I already have the Obi-Wan ANH weathered, from the last "exclusive" run they did.

    So much for whatever value the last Obi-Wan mini had. I've still got a spare, too. Bastards.
  2. Gytheran

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    You still have the exclusive stand, right? :lol
  3. tripoli

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    It looks like MR is now offering limited editions based on stand types, ect. The CE is * off so many collectors its not funny.
    I don't mind as I would like to see the lower cost props for my kids and I bought the originals because I wanted the best realistic piece I could get. But for those investing in these for the collectability and monetary value factor, its definately not a popular decision.
  4. Jedi2016

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    That's the problem.. the stand doesn't say anything. It's just "STAR WARS", then "Episode IV: A New Hope", then "OBI-WAN KENOBI LIGHTSABER".

    I guess the only thing that sets it apart now is the box it came in.. it's the "old" black box, and it does have 2004 as the copyright date.

    Anybody want one? I've got a spare, still in the box, never opened. :)
  5. franz bolo

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    On a brighter note, now I can afford one.

  6. propcicle

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    I'm slightly bummed about this too, but I'm glad to see a Luke ANH coming out. The picture of the Luke looks nice and shiny but the description says:

    "Authentic weathered paint scheme simulating years of desert living"

    Is it really weathered like the Obi?

  7. tk421mv7

    tk421mv7 Well-Known Member

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    Apparently the Anakin AOTC is also weathered from desert living. :lol
  8. Crimsonnaire

    Crimsonnaire Well-Known Member

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    What's the difference between the CE's and LE's?

    Expect to see Elite minis and Signature minis and super Elite full scales made of titanium and tungsten.
  9. Prop Runner

    Prop Runner Sr Member

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    Don't forget the 2:1 scale ME (Monster Edition)... :p

    - Gabe
  10. Wind23

    Wind23 New Member

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    I'm psyched that I can finally get one (for minis I only collect the Obi sabers), but I remember when MR was bragging on their blog about how their stuff appreciates. They cited weathered Obi minis going for around $180 a couple of times on ebay.

    The poor bastards who bought those are regretting it now. But I understand that the people who are happy about being able to get one will greatly outnumber those who were willing to pay three or four times the retail price when they were scarce.
  11. Crimsonnaire

    Crimsonnaire Well-Known Member

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    So I guess it's only a matter of time until they release an Elite version of the Anakin AOTC LE (along with everything else).

    Come on. Somebody name a date.

    What possible difference can there be between the new Obi ANH Weathered mini and the previous one besides the labeling? I see from the Rebelscum archive that MR has already made both the Obi ANH Clean and Weathered editions in .45 scaled, in addition to the gold version of the Clean edition. MR might as well do themselves a favor and straightforwardly declare all their upcoming items as being UE's (Unlimited Editions).
  12. MikeyX

    MikeyX Well-Known Member

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    I doubt that anything other than the Obi will be weathered. The follow up e-mail for these minis has the offending line about weathering removed from the Ani AOTC and Luke ANH. Looks to me like a cut and paste error on the website.
  13. MikeyX

    MikeyX Well-Known Member

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    The Obi weathered mini was an exclusive and was never limited. Agreed the fact that it's an exclusive, and the numbers got out (2000 for QVC, and 500 for as I remember) made it appear limited, but if the exclusivity has a time period (which is likely), or they get permission from QVC and walmart then they're free to make more of them. This is different from an LE which is limited to a certain number and no more (although MR might find ways to produce more of what may be regarded as the same item later - but that is definitely a different topic.)

    As I only got one for myself and don't ever buy for investment I'm happy for those that will now get to have one at an affordable price. :)
  14. tripoli

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    Ce's are going to be made of plastic and other less quality metal materials. Still painted up to look as accurate as the metal pieces.
  15. soltic

    soltic Active Member

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    Ummmm yeah, please don't shoot the newbie for the following.

    I've found the "collecting" of SW stuff for monetary rewards absolutely ridiculous for some time now. I mean I've got MIB & case fresh cases of the stuff from '97-Ep1 sitting in my basement (all toys albeit). I figure my grandchildren may be able to sell the stuff & claw back what I pi$$ed away. Thanks LFL :unsure

    I simply don't "trust" anything approved by LFL, this doesn't mean I'm a propmaker supplied guy only. I simply collect the things I like- with the intention of never letting them go, although w/ exponentially increasing methods & use of better materials bringing us better products, I do upgrade from time to time & surprise a friend or off to eBay it goes usually at a loss - but IMO that loss was the rental fee for the time I've had it. If I make money, well, that's an unexpected bonus.

    Case point - I bought a Marmit Sandtrooper a few years ago & thought it was da bomb, well got a Medicom ST & out goes the Marmit, can't keep those 2 in the same display case. Hey at least I kept the original packaging.....

    In the case of paying "extra" for a LE u've got to watch it. If there is nothing that seperates an LE from regular production then ur mental (IMO) for paying for that exclusivity. But usually there's something different - in MR's case it's better materials, weathered, signed etc. so I feel I'm paying for the better product in the long run, not a #.

    MR is a very interesting company that IMO is scrutinized TO DEATH. But hey I'm passionate about this stuff too, so I tend to agree w/ most on this forum when the bricks are thrown.

    But @ the end of the day MR is doing biz, doing biz to make $. Look @ the Star Corps bucket - MR apparently didn't screw the paintjob, LFL supplied them w/ the info. We all know LFL is very controlling & IMO should be, this is big biz.

    But has anybody ever wondered just how much of MR's product line / runs are controlled by LFL??

    LFL is the 1 rereleasing the movies add infinitum - I saw the box set released @ XMas & thought here we go again - already???. I'm sure everyone knows that the TINKERING WILL NEVER END (3D anyone???). LFL is the ones allowing Hasbro to regurgitate the toys add infinitum.

    And where it hurts the most for me? LFL is the 1 that released Ep1 (& created what meeza-weesa tinks is wunna da dummiest flickies eva)...... but let's not go to that dark place now.... I'm still in therapy....

    @ the end of the day, I'm happy w/ what I have in my collection, some licensed, some not, but happy that each piece was made & thank the maker whether it be MR or not.

    I collect alot of stuff including pinball machines & have learnt it is impossible to judge future collectivity, regardless of production #'s.

    & w/ LFL's track record (never mind MR), it wouldn't surprise me if there will be 10 runs of the scaled OB1 saber (LE, whatever) over the next 10 years. Sorry. Maybe they'll base them on the year produced - ie the 2006 .45 OB1 LE, 2007 OB1 LE etc.

    All I know is I'm not getting more than 1 in the hopes that the other 10 I bought puts a downpayment on my kids first year of college......

    Absolute original, well that's a different story ;)
  16. rad1701

    rad1701 Sr Member

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    Welcome soltic and you make some good points. MR is a company. Company's like to make money. They like to make lots of money. The more they sell, the more money they make. It's really as simple as that.
  17. Lord Abaddon

    Lord Abaddon Sr Member

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    And there is no such thing as limited, exclusive, etc. Once a company has invested in molds, dies, R&D, etc. they aren't going to let it go with a tiny run. Look at the Star Wars Fan Club exclusive action figures. Or the limited edition Star Trek 1701 figures. All of them came out again, yes in different packaging, but they all came around again. Or collectors, not investors, just became plain fed up with all the variations and the market died like with comics and cards.

    I too have the OWK Weathered mini, I love it, but I did pay a fairly high price expecting it to be limited and there by hard to get. However I wanted it for my collection, not for investment, but as its one of my favorite sabers. Now...why bother to buy anything "now" when some time in the future it'll come out or be cheaper (like the Rebel Blaster LE).
  18. lesternessman

    lesternessman Well-Known Member

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    you and me both. :D
  19. Sidewinder

    Sidewinder Sr Member

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    Or even the mega-size IE (Inflatable Edition)?


  20. Crimsonnaire

    Crimsonnaire Well-Known Member

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    So it is just a matter of labeling, then.

    Under this logic, MR is essentially free to make more Obi ANH Clean full scales under the label of LE, since the first set was a collector's society exclusive. Hell, they could remake it in every available edition. Whoops, did I just spill their surprise for 2007? :lol

    I suppose, like many things, their ability to produce the same item in more than one way also has a positive side, repeatedly which is the opportunity for deprived collector's to own a piece.

    The possibilities are endless. We might see limited FX sabers that have detachable blades and hilts made with the same quality materials as a standard LE, and then limited FX's made from Elite material; signatured FX's. Sooner than these, we'll probably internally revealed sabers (cross-sections) in LE, SE, EE, and minis. Once they've exploided every possible option, they'll find a legal way to produce newly-conceived items from the same creators or co-creators who worked in the production of the films, and legitimately call them 'film replicas.' But chances are that they won't last long enough to make it that far, as is the same fate with all companies that produce in limited quantities. The longevity of such entities, therefore, depends on their creativity and cunningness in making as much profit as possible by finding loopholes around their limit. As such, I'd say MR is doing a fair job.

    BTW, what is the * production number for the MR Anakin ROTS LE? On second thought, does it really matter...? :lol
  21. MikeyX

    MikeyX Well-Known Member

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    MR can't make more Obi ANH AFBBs as they were an LE with a limited number as well as being a CS exclusive. However they could probably make a slightly different version (perhaps with the knowledge of the new parts) if LFL let them. Also they could lose the license and another company pick it up and make a new version as well. Basically buying as an investment is a dangerous game (and one I'd never play as I'm a collector and it's the prop that matters to me) as the high worth is based largely on the rarity of getting that item in any form at all, and the rarity is not guaranteed as other versions can end up being made in the future.

    Also when considering buying an item that is rare, and therefore expensive, at any particular time you have to consider the fact that a more affordable version may well become available in the future. Sure, I've been burned a few times myself, but on every occasion I took the decision that the prop I was buying was worth that amount of money to me at that moment in time.

    Anakin ROTS edition size was 4500 BTW.

    Also Amy confirmed on RScum that the exclusivity of the Obi weathered was indeed time limited - hence the new run by MR now.
  22. Super Serg

    Super Serg Well-Known Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    What a bunch of CRAP.

  23. TheDisturbance

    TheDisturbance Well-Known Member

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    I am myself am totally confused. What is the difference between SE, LE, CE? Am I missing any other acronyms?

    What is the difference between this weather .45 scale IV Obi-wan:

    And the one advertised on right now?

    Seems like the one on rebelscum website was limited to 2500?

    Why are they selling more now of essentially the same exact product?

    I don't get it.

  24. Crimsonnaire

    Crimsonnaire Well-Known Member

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    The exclusiveness of the MR Obi ANH AFB LE is nullified by the fact that the mini Obi ANH Weathered was also an exclusive. Therefore, the only detail left to be factored is their apparent limitation. In this case, we know that the MR Obi ANH AFB is limited to 500, worldwide. According to multiple sources, the MR Obi ANH Weathered mini was evidently numbered as well, with a total of 2500 units produced, worldwide. Note that on the Rebelscum website, it names 2000 and 500 under 'availability,' whereas dates were listed under 'availability' for other minis that were limited by time, such as the MR Obi ANH Clean mini.

    Consequently, it comes down to differentiating between the production numbers for the MR Obi ANH Clean LE and the Obi ANH Weathered mini, and I, for one, can't see any reason why anyone shouldn't see "2500" as a hint to its production limit. It appears as though this 'time exclusivity' label is as unreal as the word 'exclusivity' itself. However, I will happily entertain your thoughts on why the production number for the mini doesn't or shouldn't validate for that item to be a Limited Edition.

    Back when I realized that I had picked the least favorite AOTC LE to purchase, I regretted my decision greatly. Only now do I realize how much of an advantage unpopularity is to this kind of investment. :lol

    Son of a bitch. That's way higher than I had ever imagined.

    If I had known this when I purchased that saber, I would've been hesitant to purchase it so early. Still, I enjoyed having it for the premier.
  25. Jedi Lawja

    Jedi Lawja Well-Known Member

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    I genuinly feel for the folks that paid top dollar for the first release.. As has been speculated, it's possible the first release will be of a higher quality and thus retain it's 'elite' status.

    On the other hand, I can now afford one of these 'lil darlings. :) I've never purchased from MR before, I know there are a number of dealers on the board. I suppose this belongs in the JY, but I'd appreciate a heads up on the 'best' place to order one.


  26. MikeyX

    MikeyX Well-Known Member

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    The only time an item is at all limited from MR is when it's labelled clearly as such with a stated edition size, and a number for the unit you have. My Obi weathered mini from the QVC exclusive says nothing about edition sizes, run sizes, or even that it's an exclusive. An Obi AFBB LE however does have an edition size, and an individual number for each unit, so exclusive or not they can't produce any more without changing something.

    Basically if the unit isn't individually numbered with a stated edition size on a plaque then all bets are off.
    It's higher than I expected too (although I knew it was going to be higher than the traditional 2500 from days gone by). However that doesn't bother me at all as I'm in it for the prop only and not the limited nature. But that is just me and I understand that for some the limited nature is more important.

    I'm not a total staunch MR defender BTW - I'm only trying to explain what, as I see it, has happened in this case. I don't agree with everything they do, and I'd like some things done differently - but that's another story.
  27. MikeyX

    MikeyX Well-Known Member

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    MR acronyms and stuff - probably not a totally complete list - but to get you started:

    LE - Limited Edition. Stated edition size, and number for each unit. They can't make more without changing something on the saber and getting permission from LFL.

    SE - Signature Edition. Stated edition size, and number for each unit. Normally the unit is exactly the same (the difference is just the signed plaque(s)) - the exception was the Mace Windu saber which had a higher karat of gold on the accented parts. They can't make more without changing something on the saber and getting permission from LFL.

    EE - Elite Edition. Stated edition size, and number for each unit. Like an LE but made from even higher quality materials. They can't make more without changing something on the saber and getting permission from LFL.

    CE - Collectors Edition. No edition size - they can make as many as they want, whenever they want. Announced only so we've not seen any of these yet. Made from lower grade materials, cheaper than an LE (but how cheap we've yet to find out).

    Minis. No edition size - they can make as many as they want, whenever they want..

    Note: There's nothing to stop them doing multiple versions of a prop - for example an EE, LE, SE, and CE of the same saber. Some might argue this is a bit of a 'get out' clause to allow them to produce sold out LEs as CEs for example. MR argue the difference in materials allows them to do this - and technically that is true, but it has upset a few people as well.

    Your question about the two Obi weathereds is handled elsewhere in this thread I think.
  28. TheDisturbance

    TheDisturbance Well-Known Member

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    Thanks erybody for clearing this up for me.


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