Another N7 Breather helmet


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Actually, I'm almost finished with the helmet. Waiting on lights and the helmet insert but figured I would post anyway. Been a bit of a rush job as its a commission from one lucky person who is wearing it to E3 in June where they hope the next Mass Effect premier is happening :p

Pep build... NEVER USE ELECTRICAL TAPE! If you run out of regular tape, seriously go get more. Not worth it, lesson learned.
2.png 3.png 4.png
Fiberglass, half time (like bondo but softer) and the ever amazing apoxie sculpt. Just make sure you knead the crap out of it or you can get soft spots.

5.png 6.png
Primed for paint.

7.png 9.png 10.png
Painted then aged with a few scuff marks here and there. For the life of me I couldn't find a darker grey so its a bit lighter than I would have liked. Next will be lights.
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