Another Junk Raygun by Tack - The Haint


Howdy folks. Finished another Raygun and wanted to share. Enjoy!

I made this one out of an old hood ornament, a martini shaker, a hacksaw handle, and parts from a pneumatic staple gun. It lights up too!

Thanks for checking it out. :]

This is a really slick prop. I've got a box of junk that I need to try and do something like this with. Seeing this is definitely a motivator. :)
Very nice. I like it a lot; it's not over-greebled like a lot of raygun designs. Nicely weathered (I'm assuming a lot of that is natural wear) and imposing.

All of the wear was done with some dry brushing and washes. I almost kept it clean because I liked the way it looked, but there was an unexpected problem when some of the paint came off due to me trying something dumb haha.

This is what it looked like before I grimed it up. Also thanks for the comments!

Thank you so much for putting a trigger on your ray gun. It drives me up the wall when people take say... a candlestick and glue it to a broom handle then call it a ray gun. Love the folks at Brassgoggles, but a number of them are notorious for doing that.

Great job on the lighting too :D

Thanks. :] Yeah each style has it's highs and lows. I just wish I could find some more neat looking hood ornaments hehe.
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