Another Iron Man Mark VI (From France) Work in progress


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Hello everybody!

First excuse me for my bad english, I'll try to do my best.
I'm Jerome, I'm in france. i'm watching this forum since month and i want to congratulate all people that have done amazing projects!

All these projects made me want to do my own Iron Man armor.
I don't know how cosplay, and making movie props and costume is seen in USA, but i can tell you that in france, when you talk about it, most people think you're gone maaaaad!!!

My wife is very disapointed by it, my friends are laughing...
But I started peping my armor thanks to all people here that shared pep files, and experiences.

now pictures!

Now i start to pep the helmet.
Hey man ! Ca fait du bien de voir un peu de français sur ce forum :)

I totally get what you said about costuming in France as i'm from there too.
It's a complete different mentality and it's kinda sad..
Nice job though, keep doing what you like and don't listen to others, nice job so far mate :sleep
MDR salut Jay64fr, on donne une mauvaise réputation à la france tellement on galère à être bilingues.

Sinon pour en revenir à ton armure, le prend pas mal mais pourquoi faire comme tout le monde et reproduire une mark 6 via pepakura?
Très souvent, la peinture gâche le résultat et donne des armures qui font plus ''jouetisables'' que vrai armures, j'attends ton de voir ton évolution.

Et tu compte la portée lors de conventions ou autres?

it gives a bad name to France so it's hard to be bilingual.

Otherwise to return to your armor, but why take a lot to like everyone else and play a Mark 6 via Pepakura?
Sometimes the paint waste and gives the result of which more armor''toy''as real armor, your wait to see your changes.

Account and you reach at conventions or other?

P:S : voici la mienne entièrement en aluminium :
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Hi buddy,

C'est vrai que c'est cool de voir des frenchies !!!

I agree for the fact that in France costuming is for mad people ( but we all are !!! ) but as MrBibou said, keep doing what you like !!!
It's a pretty nice start but a long way is coming... ( i'm currently building my own Iron Man armor from pepakura and it's very time consuming )

I will follow this thread with attention...
At the begining I did it to change my mind after the work. Being working on it is a great way to forget problems

Je sais que c'est pas Original, mais ça me semble plus accessible...
Déjà si j'arrive à faire ça, rien ne dit que j'y rajouterai pas ma p'tite touche perso...

I'd like to wear it at the comic con if possible... But not a lot of conventions in france... I can use it at carnaval and costumed party :)
hello guys,
I can assure you aren't alone, I'm french.
But the watchword here is the English language, speak a little French but keep talking with some English,
même si comme moi votre anglais et pas top
@mrcome :
sans problèmes, c'était juste un aparté. mais il n'y a pas de forum équivalent en france, et les francais sont rare à s'amuser à faire des armures d'iron man
Fuadrais créer un forum pour les frenchies un jour XD.

'there is no equivalent forum in France and the french are rare fun to make Iron Man armor
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I totally understand how you feel. I build since one year and a half on Pepakura and I works for 5 years on 3DS max for my studies. Well though I work in a model maker, my colleagues laugh me to make a "mock-1" iron man, but they are impressed by my determination. you will see with time and patience, they can only congratulate you. For my part wiht my work, the armor will be finished in one year, because I plan to duplicate it.
Good luck to all
Salut tout le Monde, j'ai moi commencé mon armure Mark 6 mais avec des tapis de sol décathlon !!! c'est sympa et je me casse pas mal la tête mais le rendu et pas mal !! Le plus marrant sera de le peindre !?

Hi everyone, I have started my Mark 6 armor but with floor mats decathlon! it's cool and I break a lot but the head and made ​​a lot! The funniest will be to paint it!?

Voici mon lien :
No matter what others say, always take pride in your work. Especially if it looks as good as yours is looking right now. Keep it up!=)
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