Another Gears of War Lancer repaint (taxi-cab --> to reg)

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by bigbisont, Jul 8, 2015.

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    I have wanted a gears of war Lancer for some time and finally scored a great deal on one. The only problem: It was the taxi cab paint job...

    Oh well. I can fix that.


    -I just cleaned it with simple green then taped off the areas I wanted to keep black.
    -I then hit it with a coat of primer .
    -Next I selected my colors. (rattle can silver & 'metallic gray') First was silver all over, then more masking tape before a "metallic gray" coat.

    I was pretty tempted to leave it clean, but once I started weathering I got carried away.

    Weathering was done with the metallic gray spray dusting, then wiping with a paper towel while it was still wet. When it was "done" I did do some black acrylic touch ups and repainted the light bars blue.



    The weathering got a bit heavy handed I think. It isnt super crazy accurate, but I like it. I think it was a HUGE improvement over the taxi cab...
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    I think it looks great, not overweathered at all.

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