Another First Class Magneto Helmet **Update 11/09 molding**


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Thanks man:)..I got some airgaps on some of the tips while i was putting on the gelcoat but that was my fault for rushing:p... wish I had a helmet over here to finish. Sucks having to make it all again.

.. if you want a dodgy pull for free you can:p


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Yeah you really have to push the air out of the gelcoat when brushing it in.
Make a new one? If your just refining it way not just mod a casting?
And sure send it up my way I could fix it up. ;)


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For the first pull i thought the mold was breaking the tips, but then the next one was the same.. damn human error! The process is quite easy tho, just a lot of waiting:)

Im getting a casting posted over and i'll have to make another mold over here, as my mate is using the original one... He's gonna fix the first 2 hopefully, if not i'll send you one on, just pm ur address.. you gotta pay postage tho:p

Postage is between 21-35euro.. and it take 6/9 days to deliver


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What kind of resin did you cast it in? Great job by the way, looks very nice!

At first I thought it was a bit short and a little too round, but after looking at some of the actual shots of helmet form the movie then I realized it was pretty accurate :)


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Thanks man:)... Its actually 2 layers of gelcoat with inner layers of fibreglass. Its very rigid! With such a large front opening, rebound or 65D was not an option.

haha yeh I spent way too much time looking at those shots and clips:D
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