Another Dredd 3d Helmet. Pic heavy


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I've seen some work with pepakura and craft foam patterns for the Dredd Helmet and thought I'd share an idea to convert to EVA foam.
Started with a pattern by DungBettle and Blaxmyth. pattern.jpg

Printed out and taped, resized, printed out and taped again to get a suitable fit. IMG-20150606-00568.jpg
Then started cutting to use as a pattern. IMG-20150606-00566.jpg
Transferred to card stock. IMG-20150606-00567.jpg
Used the card stock as patterns to transfer to EVA foam. IMG-20150606-00569.jpg
Now have the basics to cut out, heat form and start on an EVA Dredd helmet. IMG-20150606-00570.jpg

The idea for this method came from Evil Ted's youtube tutorial on helmet building, but as I did not have a head bust, modifying premade pep pattern seemed a good way to go.
You may notice the top badge mount part is not showing. That will be added later using craft foam.

Evil Ted's excellent tutorial can be viewed here.
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Top pieces cut out and glued together.

As barge cement is almost impossible to find in Canada, I'm trying Lepage Heavy Duty Contact cement. Apply, let set for about 10 minutes, carefully place pieces together and it holds amazingly well. Available at the local Walmart.

contact cement.jpg


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Used the same pep myself like, everyone else (/salute DungBettle and Blaxmyth). Will watch your progress on the foam build with intrest.


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Got a little ahead of myself. I forgot to properly heat form the pieces before assembly. Doh!
After gluing do NOT apply heat to stretch and form the foam or the seams can open up and are nearly impossible to close again.
IMG-20150608-00576.jpg IMG-20150608-00577.jpg

So lesson learned. Started over and made sure to heat form the pieces first.
IMG-20150608-00575.jpg IMG-20150608-00574.jpg


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Little update today. Taking it slow mainly due to only having a couple hours in the evening to work on it.
Main Helmet body assembled.

Template cut for the badge mount piece.

Cut out of craft foam and folded.

And just set in place to test fit.

Working out the raised trim. Starting to look a little more "Dredd" .
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Looking good;) .......never used foam to build before, so will follow your build. I like how it already has a good solid thickness to it.


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Awesome build so far, I plan on making one for my dad for his birthday as a little side gift/joke since he's a diehard dredd fan. I look forward to seeing the lid painted up and shiny, good luck.


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Awesome build so far, I plan on making one for my dad for his birthday as a little side gift/joke since he's a diehard dredd fan. I look forward to seeing the lid painted up and shiny, good luck.

Thank you. Go for it and I'm sure your dad will love it!

Just a little update today as it was too nice of a day to stay inside.
Sealed up the seams and applied 2 coats of Modge Podge to seal everything up.
Ready for some Plasti-dip.

Now I've referenced Evil Ted's videos a couple of time and he does amazing work.
I know mine will not be near the level of his, however as long as it's not a total mess I'll be pleased.
He has had years in the business and this is my first try working with most of these techniques.
This helmet is not meant for any cosplay show or event. It is basically just a test to see if I can make something that looks ok. I hope you will all like it when it is actually finished. :D


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Here it is after a few coats of Plasti-Dip.
IMG-20150614-00594.jpg IMG-20150614-00595.jpg

Just some final painting and detailing, but essentially done. :)

Oh, the stand for painting is just an ice cream container top with a paper tower tube hot glued to it.
Use hot glue to tack the helmet to it and it's ready to paint.


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I cut out my visor from an insert for a welding face-guard, then use heavy duty Velcro to fix it to the inside of my helmet.
This way I can re-position or replace it easily if i ever need to.

EDIT: oh wait, this is a foam helmet. Be careful that the visor isnt trying to flex back against its curve. I would assume that it may warp a soft foam helmet.
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