Another denix le-mat conversion


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here's mine (about 95% finished):

Here's a breakdown:
<blockquote>Walnut grips (hand chequered)
Machined aluminium parts:
<blockquote>sight rail
shot barrel
lanyard post
loading lever end
2 part cylinder (not quite complete)</blockquote>
Hand filed takedown lever and the triangular curved bit under the shot barrel (which needs a bit more shaved off the bottom)
Cast metal trigger guard
Custom made screws for the trigger guard on as I couldn't find slotted ovalhead machine screws the right size.</blockquote>
I still need to figure out what to do with the 9 firing pin assemblies (in the notches at the back of the cylinder) as there isn't much reference as to what they look like. And I need to colour everything appropriately.

Kudo's to everyone who's attempted one of these in metal before as it's hard work A lathe and a milling machine (with a tilting head or an angle vise) are essential (not to mention a band saw, belt sander, files, sandpaper, steel wool, metal polish and lots of elbow grease)

Some progress pics here:


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Wow, where'd you get the walnut grips?

Hand-checkered? WOW. I tried making grip grooves by hand once and it wasn't pretty.