Another Cap AOU build.


Here is a duct tape dummy that I made of myself for pattern-making purposes for a Captain America: Age of Ultron suit.

Any suggestions on the pattern before I start cutting?

I am having an incredibly difficult time with the chest area of the AoU outfit. The leatherette and stretch fabric are killing me. I'm getting used to Cordura, but this other material is driving me insane. Any tips on working with this stuff??!!

Here is the mostly completed vest. I need to hem the arm openings. Trying to figure out a way to make the collar tighter around the neck. Not 100% happy with the starburst area as the spandex is pulling in some areas and not lying completely flat.

Any suggestions for improvement? This project is incredibly frustrating!

I used Royal Blue Cordura 500D for the top, Red Cordura 500D and White Cordura 1000D for the midsection, ordered the Cosplaysky Star, used Navy wicking fabric (similar to underarmour), and red and navy marine vinyl for the starburst.
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