Anonymous (Shakespeare movie)


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I watched this last night, and was entertained. The basic premise is centered around the theory that William Shakespeare wasn't the author of the works attributed to him. The film is pretty much an Elizabethan political thriller.

I would have been interested in seeing it just on that basis, but it was also directed by Roland Emmerich. While he didn't produce anything Oscar-worthy here, I was impressed that he could do something other than big budget action films.


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I was interested when I saw the first trailer (though that shouldn't shock anyone who knows me as I'm a history/literature geek). Glad to hear you enjoyed it... this reminded me to add it to our netflix cue! :D

That said, have you seen the trailers for The Raven with John Cusack?!

cayman shen

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Man, I have NO interest in the "Shakespeare didn't write Shakespeare's plays" conspiracies. It's all so snobby. Like the poorly educated son of a glovemaker couldn't POSSIBLY have risen above his humble origins. Yeah, that NEVER happens.