Annual "So, what are you wearing to Comic-Con" thread


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With only 3 weeks left till Con, what are you guys planning on wearing?

For me:
Thurs - Ghostbuster
Fri- either Rocketeer or Colonial Marine
Sat- Steampunk Vampire Hunter
Sun- either Rocketeer or Colonial Marine

- Jeff
Shorts and a t-shirt for me. I'm going as a 'Comic-Con novice'. I think I can pull the costume off to look realistic.
Mal Reynolds, maybe the tenth Doctor if I stay for a second day. No ticket yet, hoping to pick one up when they do the refund sale.
My GF and I are planning throughout the 4 days:
4th Doctor with Sarah jane (andy pandy costume)
1st Doctor with Dodo Chaplet (Celestial Toymaker costume)
VOC Robot (D84) with Movellan

Likely but still not sure if these will make another round:
1940's Captain Marvel & Mary Marvel
Dr. McCoy with TOS Science officer
Attending all four days with my wife and we'll be doing some combination of the following.

11th Doctor & Amy Pond (Time Of Angels)
11th Doctor (The Impossible Astronaut) & Amy Pond (Curse Of The Black Spot)
Starbuck & Anders

May well bust out the 10th Doctor suit and possibly some more 11th Doctor combos too.
One day, I'll make it out to California for the SDCC. Unfortunately, living in New York means only the NYCCC for me.

Still, I've never worn a costume to a con before, so I'm not sure if I should just wear my Kane outfit Saturday only, or keep it with me to change into on a whim.
I was just thinking about making this thread!

Right now, looks like Thursday and Sunday plain-clothes, something Rebel Legion of Friday, and Sucker Punch on Saturday.

Hopefully I can find some other Sucker Punch people, so I don't just look like a crazy person in underwear and guns :p
Thursday I'll be in regular clothes, Fri/sat/sun in my Tie pilot mostly :)
Hubby will be in his Captain America suit.
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