Announcement: P1 stunt small run


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Hey guys a few more outta the mold. looks like only about 4 on this run ..maybe 5 if I got time to pop another out today. Ill throw them up tomorrow morning my time ...probably around 8 or 9 am.

no pre-reserving. Just a friendly heads up is all


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PS ... is announcing this a good idea? ..I kinda feel like a conceited A-Hole reading this back. Im not trying to say these are so important that they need an announcement ..I just get alot of PMs about them ..I only sell what I make ..and I want folks to get a fair shake at 'em. Was gonna just post the sale ..but I promised last Im sticking to it today ..I dont know though


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Seeing how fast these are going I think accouncing them is a great idea. Gives people time to make sure they have the funds ready.


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nice touch george,i can't tell you how i felt about missing the first 2 runs, hopefully this can help out the people who dont live on the computer 24/7,i had to in order to get mine and really didn't enjoy myself! ha!


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You conceited?
**** No! not at all.and I think it's a good heads up .I agree wiht the's necesary so we won;t miss on the run.
Anyone wanting to get one of this badboys go a head and get won;t be dissapointed.


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Scott.. Ha .. F.O. ZZ top

ok.. Well then a heads up it is. Thanks guys.. It's kinda funny after you re-read one of your own posts.. You start to wonder how you may be coming off to others


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You are perfectly safe G.

Now if you had spoke about yourself in the third person .................... maybe.