Annisse 2013 Halloween Costume Contest Entry


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My Siren Gem - TRON LEGACY 2010 movie cosplay

Started back in 2011 after the movie release and took about 6 months to create my Siren Gem costume creation. From the online photo research, collected as many reference high res photos as I could, reading the movie costume making articles about the costume as well as the makeup design by Rosaline de Silva. I have to say that there was help with this pattern ONLY because I do not own a 3D body replica of myself. There is no way this costume would have even come to be if I didn't have a friend help me design this pattern. It was literally drawn onto a white spandex catsuit that I sewed and she drew the lines on me in order to get the pattern. If I had an accurate body replica I would have not needed any assitance. This pattern is made up around 30 pattern pieces in total and completely sewn together with silver-grey and white spandex medium weight fabric.

Much of the struggle with dealing with making my Siren costume was with the creation of the pattern and learning how to properly rubberize the suit as they were in the movie suits. With many trail and error costly tests, I just could not achieve rubberizing the suit. It was quite the struggle and as determined as I was, I had to give up. From using pricey air compressors, to hand painting liquid latex, I tried many techniques but unless I knew exactly how the costume designers in the movie made those suits rubberized, nothing I tried worked out very well, until this year in 2013.

I have 2 versions of the costume. My 1st suit, debuted at DragonCon 2011, was made with PVC coated silver 1/2" reflective tape in which sticky back velcro was attached to the reflective tape and to completed sewn suit, this is how the reflective tape is held onto the costume. (Progress photos below).

As well as sewing my Siren suit, my shoes are custom made by me. I took two different pairs of shoes and Frankenstein'd them together. The 1st pair, top of shoes, was purchased at Marshall's and was actually red vinyl. 4 coats of satin white spray paint for PVC plastics was used to coat red and made it completely turn white successfully! The bottom open wedge part of the shoes are by Nine West which I purchased off Ebay. (Progress photos below)

My white identity disc on my back was originally a Kevin Flynn Target store bought disc which was modified with around 30 additional small LED lights which I soldering together. The front and back of the disc were painted with about 3 coats of arylic black so make the plastic solid when the the lights are on, other wise the white plastic is see-thru and you would see the guts of the disc from the outside. I cut off the outer ring to be flushed with the disc and the inner difussed ring is the Awesome work provided by the work of RPF member Soulinertia

I designed a battery box from Wonderflex and spray painted it silver to reflect the one Siren Gem wears in the movie. Mine was only a prop was looks and my 12V battery pack and inverter which powers the Flat Lite Tape on my costume is hidden in my disc hub. The hub was made and designed by Disc Holder Mount

My 2nd suit, debuted at DragonCon 2013, is now coated with metallic silver (on the grey parts) and pearl white (on the white parts) of the suit in liquid latex. I managed to get my original 2011 suit rubberized, procrastinated because I was scarred to ruin all my hard work thus far but I finally broke down and went for it. Peeled off all the original reflective tape and hand painted the suit with the two different colors of liquid latex. The results are good, but I know this is not the way the actual movie suits were rubberized so my version just has to do until I find out how they were created.

As well as rubberizing my suit, I really REALLY wanted my suit to light up. The movie suits actually light up and a light up costume makes a BIG difference out in public. So, I went for it too. After about a month of research with the proper wiring to add within my suit, copper eyelet connector, cement glues, soldering and with the help of Luminious Film Spilit Electrode Flat Lite Tape in White 1/2" wide I actually managed to light up my Siren Gem costume and I couldn't have been more proud. I really did not think after all the Flat Lite Tape was added and with all the wiring going everywhere throughout my suit it was going to sustain me wearing it and a solder joint not break or wiring get pulled out. I made it through the entire night when I debuted it this year at DragonCon and it was a success! YAY ME! :$ :thumbsup (Progress photos below).

My present skills range from sewing, small prop making and I am also a latex clothing designer. I am self taught and have been practicing my skills for 20 years now.

My progress and finished Siren Gem 1st and 2nd version costume photos:

photo_2.JPG 297078_234177939952619_125823480788066_545445_5822417_n[1].JPG disc.JPG shoes.jpg shoes2.jpg shoes4.jpg shoes3.jpg suit1.JPG suit2.JPG

483992_10151917294660268_1865747033_n.jpg 322690_669330898692_34102245_34352736_877329681_o[1].jpg AnnisseSiren.jpg

2nd version rubberized suit with Flat Lite Tape:

971595_544160298954380_89164814_n.jpg photo_1.JPG 1005247_546524202051323_99046608_n.jpg 1237499_10152173540509768_1469523215_n.jpg 1170847_10152180915499768_774168781_n.jpg 3525_B.jpg SirenAnnisseRPF.jpg 1236506_10152188436189768_274209403_n.jpg

I was very specific on what gauge wire I wanted to use to solder onto the copper eyelets on my suit. Reason, to reduce the bulk of the wire while wearing it, there are around 40 different solder points on my suit. I used .26mm gauge white wire.

My proof costume photos for "The RPF Costume Contest 2013" Siren Gem entry.... (sorry, I have no idea why these photos are posting sideways, I tried to resize them but didn't seem to work).

RPFSiren2013.JPG RPFSiren2013-2.JPG
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sorry I was so late posting my proof photos. So busy with work and Halloween.

Just posted them but I have no idea why they are posting sideways. I tried to re-size them but doesn't seem to fix the problem. Let me know if you know why this would be happening and I can adjust them right side up.

Thank you!
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