Anne Hathaway Catwoman Costume


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Hey Guys.....

So i know everyone is mixed about this suit (as am I), although it is growing on me a bit.....

but i wanted to take stab at it, even though i still cannot make out specific details from the few shots released on the net.

still have more to do, goggles will have lights on them, etc

only going to be doing one before Halloween, once it is finished it will be offered for trade or maybe to evilbay!

let me know your toughts!




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Don't bring her into this thread. Screen name should be "Damaged" HAHA! Great costume by the way.. I prefer the reality based costumes in the Nolan Batman's.


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greg you have done and amazing job. Where did you find the body suit and boots. I am working on this version of catwoman for my wife. I have looked all over to find a suit and/or fabric like this with the pattern on it like in the promo shot of her on the bat pod. Great work once agian.


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Looks great. I like that they went with a suit that make a girl look hot.
You did an excellant job! All this from a few photos.


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Greg. I sent you an email a little while ago did you get it. It was a out this version of catwoman. Hit me up.

Thadios at yahoo dot com.
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