Anime Prop. Bleach Ichigo Helmet/Mask.

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Mordor Brass, Feb 20, 2012.

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    Hi there.

    Recently i´m having many orders for anime displays or cosplays. This helmet was for display but can be cut behind and i think that is wereable for a little head. I used a pepakura head manequin of base. I sculpted in wet clay the helmet. Seal it with acrilic barnish, molded in silicone with fiberglass jacket. Cast in Polyurethane resin.
    The horns was sculpted in rigid insulate foam. Seal with PVA glue. Bondo, sanding and priming. Mold in silicone and rotocast in polyurethane. Very light.
    When i was molded, the helmet fall out from his base but i was lucky. The mold was not deformed. Only a little dent in the mold. The original was very dent. Pufffff. Bonding the first cast and no more worried.
    Finaly, sand, primer and paint.

    Enjoy and thanks for watching.
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    Very Nice!
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    very sweet.
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    That's sick.

    Good too see some anime props up here.

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