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densha otoko

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hi friends,

im french, and i have making many replicas, for exemple 2 knight rider kitt replica, the dragon ball in real hard cristal dragon ball and nadia blue stone crystal replica,
today i want to show you my last replicas i have making. The blue stone was making in hard synthetic crystal, not resin, not pvc or other cheap solutions. is simply in hard crystal life size. I'm very happy of my work, now showing pictures friend,



big size other pics here friends !

Photobox | Bring Your Photos To Life | Photobox Official Site

Photobox | Bring Your Photos To Life | Photobox Official Site
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The Searcher

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Absolutely wonderful, the way you nailed the proportions is just awesome! In fact, since its been years since I’ve seen the show, I might just pick it up again. If I were you, I‘d consider making a run of these and seeing how they go, considering this is so well done.