Animatronic Mechanism For A Friend 03/31/2013


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A friend needed this in a rush so I really jumped on it today. This is totally self contained, just bolt it into 
to any Gauntlet that can handle 8 inches long ( tail end of slide is an additional inch) x 2.25 inches high x 3 inches wide. Around 6.5 inches of movement.








Looks good man. There's not a vast majority of ways to go about it but I love the chain driven system, very mechanical compared to cables.
Looks like you're on the right track dude.
Hell I was so clueless at first that I bought a Mysteria bio that I was conned into believing was made by Marvel artist Nick Bradshaw. I thought I had a masterpiece of a bio! Although thought in the back of my mind it looked a little small.
With thanks to the Lair I learned I discovered was was ripped off and didn't have ****.
Since then I have learned alot. I'm only here since last year, but I can't thank the lad's here enough as I've learnt so much about the like of recast's etc.
I'm sure you too will in time learn what I have.
Welcome to the Lair, the nicest bunch of fella's and the odd's lassies that you'll meet!
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