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Hey everyone!

I wanted to start a new build log to share with you my wife and I’s latest project, the animatronic Madame Leota Tombstone from the Haunted Mansion que at Disney World!

This prop is fully sculpted by us in Zbrush and then 3D printed. The animatronics are custom made by myself and coded onto a small Arduino nano to control the servos. After the project is complete I’ll be sharing all of the 3D files on Thingiverse and Arduino sketches with the community so we can get even more Leota’s 3D printed out there for next years Halloween displays!

If you’d like to follow along with us on Instagram then please check out
Prototypes_and_Pixie_Dust over on Instagram! I’ll be posting progress updates on here as well but it will be more rapid over on there.

Thanks for checking this out and we hope you enjoy the work we’ve done so far!

Fun spooky fact: Leota also doubles as a pretty sweet kid’s sized half mask!


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So cool, I'm working on a Haunted Mansion themed bedroom. Been going on for years, but going slow, I have a vision, but have zero CAD skillz. Keep up the good work!


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I'm a West Coast Disney guy -- what's anamatronic about it on the East? Either way I'm definitely interested in this, can't wait to see more!


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Looking forward to seeing this one done! I have most of the other tombstones already, but this one I never did because of the added bits with her face and moving eyes.


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I'm a West Coast Disney guy -- what's anamatronic about it on the East? Either way I'm definitely interested in this, can't wait to see more!
This is going to be a replica of the Leota Tombstone in the Walt Disney World que. It's right before you walk through the big doors to the stretching room waiting area.


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Right, I remember seeing it, and we have one at Disneyland too. But it said animatronic so I wasn't sure if it did stuff, rather than ours which just kinda sits there. Either way, looks great so far.


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We've made some more progress on the plaque that will house all of the custom animatronics, arduino brain, and battery pack! The idea right now is that the plaque will slip into an oval shaped hole in the foam tombstone, and the plaque will hold all the mechanisms. That way we can keep things modular for when we need to service anything. Learning a lot!

The animatronics started out as a puppet chassis that I found on thingiverse, and I've been modified it to fix our build, servos, and Arduino. It's going to be fun to start coding and playing around with!

Photo Dec 18, 12 00 28 PM.jpg

Photo Dec 18, 11 59 28 AM.jpg

Photo Dec 18, 11 59 05 AM.jpg



More updates soon!


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SURPRISE!! The Leota Project isn't yet complete, but you know what we thought would be fun? Instead of just building ONE Madame Leota Tombstone on just our front lawn this Halloween, what if everyone who wanted to could build one as well?

And what would get those good Halloween vibes going better then if we released all the 3D STL files to all of you...for FREE!! Head on over to our Cults3D page where you can download everything you need to start printing your very own Leota tonight! Sliced and unsliced STLs, all the 3D printed animatronic components, etc.

We're going to be continuing our build and documenting everything as we get closer to Halloween, and we hope you can join us! If you do please share with us YOUR builds as we continue to put the finishing touches on ours!

Madame Leota Tombstone Plaque and Animatronics

Doug and Jessica Hogan (@prototypes_and_pixie_dust) • Instagram photos and videos
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