Animatronic hands prototype V1


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I've just finished my first run at animatronic hands. I'm working towards using these in my upcoming G1 Transformers Devastator stilted costume build.

Here's the reference picture I worked from:

Here's finished pics:

And here's a short video:

There are a lot of edits to make for the next prototype version:
-A gear for each finger so I can fold a finger all the way
-Repositioning of the eye screws to they don't hit each other when folding
-Permanent attachment of rings to a glove
-Adjustment of line lengths
-Mini-wedges under each end of all toggle bolts so the fingers straighten when not under tension
-3 joints vs. the existing 2. I saw a comment against this working, but I'll have to try it to accept that. =)
-Later on, hardier materials will be used of course
-Bottom enclosure of lines, creating square finger effect
-Editing of the starting position of the thumb & its mounting

The final version won't have my hand so close in behind the assembly - more like 1-1.5' back. Also, the hand will be mounted to a wrist in the robot's arm and thus be supported.

What are your thoughts? How might you approach this? What changes might you make?



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This... wow. It's beautiful! ;-;
I'm tryin' somethin' similar to this for my Jazz's hand just in case I can't use my own in my stilted madness that I'm totally gonna kill myself in.

Progress pics, man! : D Lovin' this so far!
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What manner of stilts are you planning? If you search my posts you'll see I'm planning to use stacked hard insulation foam + calf reinforcement.

For an update on my hands, here's the V2 hand prototype. =) I've been busy lately but hope to move on V3 during the coming long weekend.

The V1 torso harness system prototype has to be started soon as well, and I expect that will be a time consuming one. I want to have the 'skeleton' of major features working for Halloween, though it would be 'dressed' as a much more simple costume for that.
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