Animatronic "Gremlins" Puppet Test (home-made)


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Perfect! although jeeper creepers where'd you get them peepers should have been the soundtrack in the beginning! :D


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Bloody brilliant!!! I can see this being used as a screen-test to show the viability of using puppets vs CGI for a new Gremlins movie!


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Wow that hand articulation and movement is absolutely stunning! The whole body puppeteering feels slightly constricted due to what I assume is rod attachment (exactly as it was in the film in my opinion... but still remarkable!) but something about the hand/arm movement test footage looked completely un-tethered and truly alive in every sense of the word. This is work I could only dream of achieving. Absolutely gorgeous and tangible. Our modern creative culture CG can be mostly synthetic and animated so I commend you on your contributions on taking the abstract into the realm of reality. This is remarkable work... needless to say I'm subscribing to this thread.
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