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Hey everyone here is another replica helmet to add to the collection. This is a recreation of Animal Mother’s (Adam Baldwin) helmet from Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket. The graffiti reads “I Am Become Death” a reference to a quote by Robert Oppenheimer when he created the worlds first atomic bomb. And a drawing of a mushroom cloud on the left. Some helmet additions I were the M60 bullet casings, red US GI issued Pall Malls, and a US flag patch. Still need to find a black pipe!
I plan to create others from the iconic film.

The last photo is the real helmet prop owned by artist Philip Castle. He designed the posters for A Clockwork Orange and Full Metal Jacket.


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Not sure if this will help. This is the helmet I wore and as you can see the liner is faded and there are some quite distinct stains that have occurred naturally.

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Wow! Thanks for your service and sharing this. Right definitely Animal’s needs some aging. I’ll rub some dirt into the Mitchell cover.
When did you serve? I know this differs from unit to unit but did yours care if you guys applied graffiti during the war?


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i dont know if this helps (bit of a random story but, my dad sails sailboats. years and years ago he bought one of those blue captain hats. problem is it was obviously not weathered in any way so didnt reflect his experience with a sailboat. he asked a friend who had an aged, stained, battered old hat, what did you do to get it weathered (in the sailing world, you really dont get kudos for wearing an obviously brand new sailors cap. Unfortunately for dad, his friend said, wear it whever you sail and in a few years, your too will look like mine. i always thought that if he had tied it to his washing line for a year in the back garden, a year of that would be equivalent to probably ten years sailing seasons. stick it outside for a few months, let it get some sun and rain etc. (incidentaly dad wore his hat faithfully out on the water for a few years before he wore it off the water at the sailing club). the best weathering it turned out was....... well weather.......

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