Ani Star Destroyer-simple solution to warping


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My Ani SD has been on hold for a while but I am getting back to it. One of the problems is that with such huge slabs of flat resin there is a problem of warping, actually flatening of the lower hull. I came up with a simple soultion to this. Instead of some elaborate inner structure that requires figuring out angles and math and stuff, I came up with this. I will use "V" shaped strips of 3mm aluminum strip. These will be bent, clamped and epoxied to the lower hull. This should keep the lower hull from ever flatening out.


Used the same stuff inside my snowspeeder, works great, very little weight, superb rigidity.
Really like these Ani ISD's, hated the Cooper kit, looked awful and the casting poor IMO.
Looking forward to seeing more! Are you fitting an internal mount/armature? These builds look so awkward when placed on the "stilits" some guys use.

Thanks guys. No not doing an internal armature. It will be on "stilts". I had a base custom made out of wood for me by a co-worker, stilts and all!:)
Was your' hull already warped or is this just a preventative measure?

I've got the less glamorous AMT star destroyer and the lower hull is badly warped. I'll probably try some warm bath and clamping action on it but maybe a small scale version of your' method will help to keep it in shape afterwards!
If you can get the warp out with a hot bath or from a hairdryer you should be fine. The warp you have is probably from the part being pulled from the mold too early or from it just being a very old kit. At any rate, once you have the warp out and the kit glued you shouldn't have any further warping issues.
I think if you build this kit in a reasonable amount of time you would be O.K. But mine has been half finished for a while now. The weight plus the fact that the top and lower hulls are not permanately joined has caused the lower hull to "flatten out" a bit. These strips help prevent that until I get around to finishing her up.
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